Not able to come in person? Don't worry about it, the BEST part is you can join this healing ceremony in person or remotely if you like. Secure  your ticket today!

What is a Fire Healing Ceremony?

Fire as an element has the power to burn everything; it purifies and alchemizes the cluttered energies around us.  Since ancient times, fire has been recognized to have the power to destroy but also to create space: to regenerate and recreate.


A fire healing ceremony creates an environment that allows us to see where we are stuck so we can work on ourselves through setting an intention with specific guidelines & rituals.  As you free up space and clear limiting blocks, you give yourself permission to invite what you want in your life as you have decluttered old and unneeded energies. ​​​​​​​



Fire is such an incredibly powerful and loving experience  of love and freedom. When you feel pain in any area of your life you are experiencing a block.


By being around fire you are inviting these blocks to be cleared out and be released - it is a beautiful and an intense process. 


Our emotions are super intense and when we give ourselves the permission to feel them in this space, the fire allows us to cleanse our these blocks. 

  • Pre-Fire Ceremony

    This is considered the preparation time to help and support the release that you desire. Read more in the fire guide which will be delivered to your email after you secure your seat.

  • Fire Ceremony

    This process is considered to be super sacred and cleansing as you use the element of fire to clear out your junk.

  • Post-Fire Ceremony

    Once you attend a fire circle you experience space & movement in your life. To feel this tangibly, you can journal, do deep breath meditation & have a cleanse. 

The BEST part is you can join this healing ceremony in person or remotely if you like. 



Fire Keeper

What A Past Attendee

Has To Say:

I don’t think I will ever find the words to articulate how much Sweta’s energy work has helped me.

When I met her I was in an abusive relationship & also had some serious mental blocks stemming from a childhood trauma. I was at a loss & felt like I had tried everything.


Sweta helped me in a way that no one else has been able to. Her caring, but

no-nonsense approach helped me gain self-love, confidence, inner peace, happiness, & drive to tackle anything in life.


She has made a huge impact in my life & I honestly can’t imagine where I would be without her life coaching & energy work.


I recommend her to anyone struggling, you are cheating yourself if you don’t sign up for a session with her! 

Kate, Washington DC

Do you ever feel like...

 - You are unhappy with your current life circumstances.

 - You are unhappy in your relationship.

 - You are unhappy with your job.

 - You would like to be in shape and feel better about yourself.

 - You would like to always feel confident and self assured. 

 - You want to feel successful in your life.

 - You want to feel genuinely happy about where you are in your life. 


***Once you do this, you will get instructions via email on how to be a part of the ceremony. ***

What A Past Attendee

Has To Say:

Being A Fire Sign and always loving fire

I was immediately drawn to the idea. Healing through Fire was an interesting and novel concept to my Western mind. I'll be honest, I don't feel the effects, unlike many others that attend, until later. Many people who attend say they feel lighter and better right after the ceremony. With myself, that generally isn't the case. Usually I'll notice a day to two weeks later that the intention that was set at the ceremony, the shifts weren't noticed at the time, I feel them later.


It's like "Oh Wow! That did help. I kinda forgot I set that intention two weeks ago and I just felt and noticed there was a shift." For me I don't care if the the shifts come immediately or in a couple of weeks, as long as they come. I need healing as much as anyone, and Healing thru Fire Ceremony is a great tool in the tool box. The fact we've been doing it on the beach is an added bonus. What gets better than that?!?! You have Water, Air, Earth and Fire, all the elements. With Sweta channeling the Divine one can't ask for a better environment." 

Brian C. - Los Angeles