My name is

Sweta Iyer...

Master Healer & Chakra Specialist.

Leaders, influencers, and game changers hire me to help them stop playing small, get unstuck in life, step into their fullest potential through the power of energy work.

Our minds, bodies and spirits are composed of energy, which vibrates out and is felt by others. 

It is important to understand how this energy affects you.


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I don’t think I will ever find the words to articulate how much Sweta’s energy work has helped me. When I met her I was in an abusive relationship & also had some serious mental blocks stemming from a childhood trauma.


I was at a loss & felt like I had tried everything. Sweta helped me in a way that no one else has been able to. Her caring, but

no-nonsense approach helped me gain self-love, confidence, inner peace, happiness, & drive to tackle anything in life.


She has made a huge impact in my life & I honestly can’t imagine where I would be without her life coaching & energy work.


I recommend her to anyone struggling, you are cheating yourself if you don’t sign up for a session with her! 

- Kate Sutherland

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A fire healing ceremony creates an environment that allows us to see where we are stuck so we can work on ourselves through setting an intention with specific guidelines & rituals.  


As you free up space and clear limiting blocks, you give yourself permission to invite what you want in your life as you have decluttered old and unneeded energies.

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As an individual who has a goal to be a game changer in the world and impact millions, you desire to go beyond the range or limits of what others believe is possible.


You are ready to unlock your true potential, master healing past traumas, and own your power.


Meanwhile, you desire support through your energetic shifts to collapse decades into days.

About Sweta

Sweta Iyer has a background in Chakra Healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Dream Interpretation, Oil and Herb Remedies, Intuitive Energy Blockage Removal.

A seasoned meditator for over a decade...

And born in India, these traditions have been an integral part of her upbringing.


Being raised in the US has given her exposure to different cultures and traditions which have broadened her understanding of various healing practices.


This has given her the opportunity to work with different healers who have immeasurably contributed to her knowledge and given her depth to aid in her desire to help people.

You gave me a reading during the Paramahansa Yogananda Fest! I had just started seeing my (now boyfriend) and at the time I had a lot of uneasiness and uncertainty about the relationship, which you knew all about.


You assured me and told me confidently “he is not going anywhere” and the words really stuck with me and gave me strength to pursue the relationship.


Most importantly you were inspired to tell me (through the goddess you work through) “YOU are the prize” which was something you really emphasized, and it was a message I really needed to hear.


I can happily say that you were right, he truly was not going anywhere, and we have been together for a year now!


Thank you for your reading that day!

- Veronica

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